Black Treacle - Arctic Monkeys

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My God, are we gonna be like, our parents? Not me. Ever.

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What a pretty little lady.

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Seriously. Clean up after yourself. Encourage other people to clean up after themselves. Clean up after other people. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Encourage other people to reduce, reuse, recycle. Even the smallest action is a positive step in the right direction. 

And go vegan. It’s the biggest positive impact you can make on the environment, as animal agriculture causes 70% of deforestation, more CO2 emissions than all forms of transport combined, and releases 89,000lbs of waste per second into the environment. A meat eater causes 7 times more emissions than a vegan does. (source)

I hate to be the dirty meat eater, but why did this have to turn into a Vegan thing?

I do what I can despite not being vegan or vegetarian, neither of which I can be for health reasons. I recycle, I reuse, I will pay more to buy fair trade goods, goods that haven’t been tested on animals, goods that don’t exploit any animal - and yes I include humans as animals.

Meanwhile Vegans and Vegetarians pushed the demand for Quinoa so high that the people who actually produce it and farm it can no longer afford to eat it.

Scare mongering about emissions because you’re vegan or vegetarian is a shit move. And folks who aren’t vegan or vegetarian don’t deserve to feel guilty, in exactly the same way you don’t.

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Primadonna Girl, yeah…image

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all around me are familiar faces

worn out places

worn out faces

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cats can straight up do that double jump video game thing

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There’s not many Royal things I’ll post but this is funny.

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